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Blink 182 music video

Blink 182 music video - Man Overboard / Adam's Song Blink 182: Man Overboard / Adam's Song
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Customer review:
The Man Overboard DVD video is a must have for hardcore Blink182 fans. While it's rather short, the comical mischeif (and lack of clothing)of the young misfits that are Blink182 is absolutly hilarious. However, if Blink is "just another band" in your collection of CD's, then I would say don't bother, because one can't appreciate the short time spent with Mark Tom and Travis in this movie unless they already know them. *For hardcore fans only!*
Blink 182 music video - Man Overboard / Adam's Song Blink 182: Urethra Chronicles (1999)
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Customer review:
This DVD has everything a true Blink 182 fan needs. It contains about 8 of their music videos along with two live performances from them. It also has interviews with each of the members (Mark, Tom, and Travis for those of you who are..well..stupid), etc. And it comes with a free chocolate, well it doesn't have that, but BLINK 182 RULES and if you don't buy this I'm going to hurt you..and then call you a vulgar name.
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