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Christina Aguilera Biography

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CHRISTINA AGUILERA was born December 18th, 1980.Christina Aguilera's life has been above the ordinary and her talent has given her wonderful opportunities. Christina has a father from Ecuador and her mother is Irish-American so she is a fine mix. Her dad was in the military which caused her and her family to have to move around a lot with him. She lived with her family in such places as Japan, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey until they finally rested in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Her mom was a musician whom had wonderful abilities with the piano and violin, so much that she even toured with the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Christina always had a simply beautiful voice. She didn't have a blown-up ego, she just loved to get up and perform in front of people. She showed off her soulful voice beginning at local shows and then by the tender age of 8 she appeared on the televised talent contest show, "Star Search" and unfortunately, she lost but this did not discourage her. Two years later at 10 she sang the national anthem at a Steelers and Penguins game.

At age 12 she auditioned for "The New Mickey Mouse Club" which has lately become a breeding ground for today hottest teen idols. There she showed off her beyond excellent voice, smooth dance moves, and convincing acting skills. There she made a good friend, Britney Spears whom she is often compared to because Britney was famous first, but Christina has a different style of music.

After MMC's cancel she went to Japan and recorded a duet with a well known pop star there, Keizo Nakanishi. She made an appearance in the music video and she got to tour with him. Now being on tour and performing for large audiences is Christina's first love.

She returned to America in the beginning of 1998 and her manager informed her of an opportunity to record a song called "Reflection" for the upcoming Disney film, "Mulan". She recorded a demo of her singing "I wanna run to You" by Witney Houston and Disney just loved it and believed she was perfect for the challenges of this rangy ballad. So she recorded the song and it became a big hit. The critics too liked the song and gave it a Golden Globe nominee for best song in a motion picture. After the success of "Reflection" RCA signed her to a record contract.
Christina Aguilera biography
Carl Sturken, Evan Rosgers, David Frank and Steve Kipner helped write Christina's feelings in to good lyrics and came up with her debut album, "Christina Aguilera". The album was released in mid-august of 1999 and features her chart climbing girl-power anthem "Genie in a Bottle". Her career is now in full-speed with her music videos on the top at TRL and dj's loving her groovy songs. Time will tell which will be her next hits, but all of her songs showcase her voice that you just want to listen to, again and again.

Because of her acting experience on MMC and her dazzling looks it is no surprise that Christina is already being asked to do acting roles. But Christina wants to focus on her singing and then later get a little in front of the camera action. Christina will also not be a one hit wonder. No matter what her voice could get her back in the spotlight whenever she wants to open up her mouth and sing. Her album features soulful and fun ballads that just make you want to play her cd over and over. A favorite of Christina's is "I turn to You" a song which she will also recorded in Spanish because of her spanish origin.

Christina Aguilera
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