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Dave Matthews Band video Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported (1999)
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The 2-hour show features 18 songs, spanning both familiar Matthews originals ("Crash Into Me," "Too Much") and a few choice covers ("Long Black Veil," "All Along the Watchtower"). With reeds and electric violin to spice up the instrumental attack, and a strong backing chorus to sweeten Matthews's own craggy voice, the DMB doesn't need to rely on theatricality; their sense of drama lies more in extended jams that can expose the material's limitations but stoke ardent fans' cheers. The direction and editing are smooth and fluid, and excellent audio recording and mixing are consistent with the group's growing shelf of live albums. Clearly, for the Matthews Band and its fans, the playing's the thing, and they play generously and well throughout.
Sam Sutherland

Songs included in this video: Pantala Naga Pampa, Rapunzel, Rhyme and Reason, The Stone, #41, Crash into Me, Jimi Thing, #36, Warehouse, Too Much, True Reflections, Two Step, Granny, Stay (Wasting Time), #40, Long Black Veil, Don't Drink the Water, All Along the Watchtower.
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