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Enya music sites

Enya Homepage - Reprise Records - In only ten years Enya has sold an incredible 33 million albums around the world, easily making her one of the most successful female artists of all time.

A Day Without Rain - Unofficial Enya news page. - The Enya Website - Very complete site features news, FAQ, articles, lyrics and tabs, pictures, and sound clips (music and interview).

The Enya Homepage - Mostly Copies of CD Covers and Lyrics, but useful info.

Enya - E! Online - Credits - Facts on Enya's recordings, related artists, and films.

Enya - Magic & Melody - Features lyrics and translations, discography, article-transcripts, pictures, FAQ, Celtic Mythology, and news.

Enya - Translations and Lyrics - Translations and corrections of Enya song lyrics. Annotated translation of Enya songs not in English. Also lyrics for songs that are incorrect or absent in album printings.

The Enya Discography - The Enya Discography. Plus information on new releases and other items.

Enya Lyrics - Includes several songs.

Enya: - Includes album reviews, music news, audio downloads, biography, discography, links, and a bulletin board.

Enya The Angel - Biography, discography, lyrics and midi files.

Larry's House of Enya - Fan site with midis, lyrics, videos and photos.

The Magic of Enya - Complete list of lyrics and all translations of Enya's non-English songs, information about her CDs, biography.

Marble Halls -A site dedicated to Enya - A site about Enya and her music. You can find lyrics, a short biography, discography, E-cards and links.

The Official Enya Website - Choose your mood for your audio visual experience. Features news, audio, and downloads. Requires Flash.

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