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Enya sheet music

Enya sheet music - Paint the Sky With Stars

Paint the Sky With Stars

Enya sheet music book
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Enya sheet music - Shepherd Moons

Shepherd Moons

Enya sheet music book
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From customer reviews:
... The music in Shepherd Moons is easier to play than Memory of Trees. An advanced player could easily sightread the music; therefore, it is not a challenging book. However, the music is gorgeous and fun to play. I've been playing it every day since I bought the book last week.

... This is a really good music book. Shepherd Moons is my favorite Enya album and now I have fun playing the music. I've learned how to play No Holly For Miss Quinn very well. This music is at first hard to play(which shows how advanced her music is) but if you stretch your hands and practive often, you may be able to play very well.

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