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Enya video

Enya video Moon Shadows

Moon Shadows (1992)

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Customer review:
If you already enjoy Enya's music, and want to see this music put into luscious pictures, buy this Enya video! :) You'll find the famous "Orinoco Flow" with its lovely animation; "Storms in Africa" with young children who come to meet Enya in a safari-like video clip; "Evening Falls", slower, darker, that suggests pictures of old places; "Exile", with excerpts out of the film "LA Story"; and "Caribbean Blue", which looks like a fairytale or a dream come true, absolutely magnificent costumes and sceneries! :)

Portrait of Ireland DVD

Portrait of Ireland DVD

The Emerald Isle comes alive like never before with this unique tour set to the music of Enya, The Chieftains and James Galway. DVD

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