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Faith Hill lyrics from albums: BREATHE, FAITH, It Matters To Me, Take Me As I Am

Faith Hill Lyrics

The popular Faith Hill songs: The way you love me, This kiss.

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Breathe, a musically diverse and soulful recording produced by Hill and Faith producers Byron Gallimore and Dann Huff, is remarkably close to an autobiographical collection of 13 tracks. The album focuses on the things closest to her heart and her selection of tracks is sure to give listeners a personal look at what makes this remarkable talent tick. "The music that I make has to be right for me at the right time," says Hill. "It has to have meaning. When I sing a song, I am in that songÖand hopefully people hear and feel that. I canít draw that line of trust with my fans if I donít sing from my heart every time Iím in front of a microphone."

From the title track, which mirrors Hillís professional juggernaut, to the energetic "I Got My Baby" and powerful "If My Heart Had Wings," Hill sings with attitude, vision and purpose on Breathe. Her fourth recording takes the listener on a journey that ranges from the passionate ballad "Letís Make Love" (a duet with country superstar and husband Tim McGraw), to the uplifting spirit and sincere message of "There Will Come A Day." Hill even finds a place to pay tribute to her fans, with "Bringing Out The Elvis," and to Bruce Springsteen, with a stirring rendition of "If I Should Fall Behind."

It was the first time I ever cried while in the studio," said Hill. "I couldnít have made this album and not recorded ĎIf I Should Fall Behind.í After seeing and meeting Bruce at one of his shows, that song took on a special meaning for me. The lyrical content is devastating and the message just hits you in your soul."

Hillís desire to perform and record songs close to her heart set her on a path to explore new musical and emotional territories. This innate drive is what stands at the core of this chanteuseís success.

I reached a certain place last year, a certain level of success, and now its time to go to another place," explains Hill. "In order to succeed you canít be afraid to fail. I consider Breathe a mixture of musical styles that reflects my love for country, pop, gospel and rhythm and blues. Yes, I decided to take some chances here musicallyóas an artist that is who I am. Iíve always tried to achieve and to do better."

But Hill hasnít forgotten the bottom line. "Thereís got to be something for the fans to connect to in order for them to go out and spend their hard-earned money on a Faith Hill recording," says Hill. "Iím constantly thinking about them. I hope they realize that and like the direction that I am going."

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