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Jennifer Lopez Biography

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Jennifer Lopez was born in 1970 to David Lopez - A computer operator , and Guadalupe - A School Teacher , in New York. The Lopez's also had two oither children: Lynda & Leslie, both older sisters to Jennifer.
Ms. Lopez began her proffessional career by appearing in the chorus of dancer , singer and choreographer Hinton Battle's Synchrocincity musical in Japan.
She had also appeared in Golden Musicals of Broadway on a European tour , along with regional productions of Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar.
Jennifer's first performance, at 16 was as "Myra" in 1986's "My Little Girl". Jennifer would get her first big break four years later on "In Living Color" , as a Fly Girl Dancer , after she won a national competition of about two thousand contestants.

While she was shaking her booty during the commercial intervals on "In Living Color" , one of her coworkers whose husband was writing and producing " South Central " for Fox , suggested her for a part. Lopez was seen as a recurring character here , where she portrayed Lucy , who worked in the co-op market. The show which was practically over before it started , pave the actress's way into a two more short lived series. " Melinda Lopez " character which Lopez portrayed in CBS's Second Chances costarring Connie Selleca and Megan Fallows was so popular that it was continued on Aaron Spelling's series, "Malibu Road".
Jennifer Lopez biography
Jennifer Lopez refused the development deal which was offered by CBS , because she wanted a film career. Lopez effectively brought her television career to end with the heroic nurse Rosie in " Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7 " on 1993. The siren call of big screen couldn't be ignored for her. Lopez was appeared in Gregory Nava's critically acclaimed " Mi Famillia " , on 1995 which Nava focusses on the lives of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles from the 1930s to the present.

Lopez introduced her talent to top filmmakers with this movie. Following this movie, she jumped on Joseph Ruben's "Money Train". Although senator Bob Dole urged Americans to boycott the film , and the costars Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes were trashed by critics , Lopez left the train with victory where she got on as " Grace Santiago ". Later on , Lopez costarred as Robin Williams' latina teacher in Francis Ford Coppola's " Jack " , after beating up actresses like Ashley Judd and Lauren Holly.

Despite having previously worked in Mi Famillia, Gregory Nava asked Lopez to audition as a part of nationwide search in "Selena", the movie about the life of slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez. No stranger to the pressures of auditioning , the former dancer came in , nailed her mark and won the role. She would even go on to earn a Golden Globe® nomination for Best Musical Actress.

Jennifer Lopez thrust into spotlight with her performance in " Selena " , and increased her Hollywood stock considerably. The film was succeeded , despite some grumbling in the Mexican-American community that Lopez was of Puerto Rican decent. The similarities between the actress and singer who was poised for breakout stardom at the time of her death were unmistakable.

"Selena", marked a new beginning for Lopez in more than just career terms. In the wrap party of the movie in San Antonio, Lopez's boyfriend Ojani Noa took the microphone and proposed her on the dance floor. The couple married in early 1997. Lopez found out for sure that she had achieved stardom, when false rumors of her divorce were printed in mainstream newspapers after only two months of marriage. However, Jennifer and Ojani divorced within a yer.

Jennifer Lopez ranked 16th on the People Magazine's 1997's Fifty Most Beautiful People list. Lopez ended Jim Carrey's " Liar Liar " spring box office sovereignty with her movie " Anaconda " which she summarized as "mayhem, madness and snakes". Lopez then beat out a bevy of A-list actresses , to land a role in " Out Of Sight ", in which she stared alongside George Clooney as a US Marshall who is taken hostage by prison runaways.

After Selena, and working on other hollywood blockbusters, Jennifer recieved a rejuvinated interest in music and performing , which led the way to a recording contract. Her first CD , " On the 6 " , a pop album with a latin flavor, was released June 1 , 1999 and has since gone platnium, and sold over 2 million copies (as of 4/1/2000).

These days , rumors have lopez linked romantically with Sean " Puffy " Combs , but Jennifer remains silient on her personal life. Jennifer is also now the highest-paid Latina actress with $1 million + ask price per film.

Jennifer is now 29 living between Los Angeles & New York, while her sister Lynda is now a DJ for WKTU in New York, while her sister Leslie is a music teacher.

From dancing , acting , singing and performing. There is no doubt that Jennifer can do it al l, now we will all watch and see what she does next.

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