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The Most Popular Jennifer Lopez CDs
Jennifer Lopez Audio CD Jennifer Lopez Audio CD
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Actress Jennifer Lopez's debut album fails in its attempt to provide a worthy musical backdrop to her much-discussed diva-esque image. Over the course of 13 songs, On the 6 displays barely a glimmer of the verve, poise, and sensuality of her screen performances in the likes of Out of Sight. With little vocal talent to rely on, Lopez generally seems content to ape Madonna's middle register like any happy radio listener. With practice--more Lopez CDs will surely follow in the wake of 6's success--the star might develop into a singer worth reckoning with, but for now she stands as a wonderful actress and a musical artist with an unengaging album to her name
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Jennifer Lopez Audio CD Jennifer Lopez Audio CD:Waiting for Tonight #1 (U.K.) [IMPORT]
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Jennifer Lopez's latest single "Waiting For Tonight" is like the best song. This single has the Hex Hector extended vocal remix that just makes you want to get up and dance. Also included are the Metro club mix, the Pablo Flores Miami mix and Hex's video version of the song which is mislabeled on the track sheet. The other single only contains the original album version, Pablo's Miami radio edit, and Hex's Momentous radio mix which almost comes close to the video version.
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Singles and Import versions:

Let's Get Loud [IMPORT]
Feelin' So Good [CD-SINGLE]

Jennifer Lopez Videos
Jennifer Lopez Video Jennifer Lopez :Selena (1997)
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Glossy, congenially corny biography of the spirited young Tejano singer whose dreams of showbiz fame were cut short by her murder (just as she was about to win success as a cross-over performer). Lopez offers a dynamic, star-making turn as Selena and Olmos also scores as her loving but possessive father. Ironically, the film does more to solidify Selena's celebrity than she was able to accomplish in her short lifetime. Super 35.
Copyright© Leonard Maltin, 1998, used by arrangement with
Jennifer Lopez Video Jennifer Lopez : Anaconda (1997)
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Documentary film crew adrift on the Amazon is besieged by a giant killer snake. Hokey special effects and an expositionless script detract, but there's campy fun in the form of Voight's demonic snake poacher, who speaks with a bad Brandoesque drawl and strangles human victims between his knees. Film makes most of beautiful Brazilian rainforest locale, yet the big serpentine climax looks strangely like deepest, darkest Arcadia.
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Jennifer Lopez Video Jennifer Lopez Video: Out of Sight (1998)
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Out of Sight is a rich, entertaining film, stylish without being showy, faithful to the integrity of Leonard's potent dialogue and quirky characters, and seamlessly acted by a dream ensemble. Standouts include Albert Brooks as convicted insider trader Richard Ripley, who while in prison brags to the wrong people that he has $5 million in uncut diamonds hidden in his house; Don Cheadle as Maurice Miller, with whom Jack warily teams up to steal said diamonds; Dennis Farina as Karen's protective father and, in unbilled cameos, Michael Keaton, reprising his Jackie Brown role as FBI agent Ray Nicolet, and Samuel L. Jackson.
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Jennifer Lopez Video Jennifer Lopez Video:Of Love and Shadows (1996)
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Young fashion journalist meets a mysterious photographer and--well, more than just film develops. Adapted from an Isabel Allende novel, this love story set against the backdrop of a Chilean military dictatorship in 1973 is a complete misfire. Convoluted plot makes little sense, and there's no chemistry between the attractive leads.
Copyright© Leonard Maltin, 1998, used by arrangement with Signet, a division of Penguin Putnam, Inc.
Jennifer Lopez Books
Jennifer Lopez book Book about Jennifer Lopez by Patrician J. Duncan, Patricia J. Duncan
More info | Buy the book Moviegoers know her as George Clooney's gorgeous co-star in Out of Sight, Wesley Snipe's super-sexy love interest in Money Train, and the captivating star of Selena. Now this detailed bio explores the Jennifer Lopez few know--from her childhood in the Bronx in a close-knit Puerto Rican family, to her big break into films, to her groundbreaking status as the highest-paid Latina actress in Hollywood.
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Jennifer Lopez book Jennifer Lopez by Kathleen Tracy
More info | Buy the book Latin heat meets Versace and Puffy February, 2000. The Grammy Awards. Lopez first blazed into the spotlight when she starred in the film Selena. The role helped catapult Lopez into a bona fide Hollywood star. She recently took the music world by storm with the release of her first cd, the best-selling On the 6. The book delves into her high-profile relationships with Sony music chief Tommy Mattola and rap impresario Sean A. Puffy Combs.This biography offers up-to-the-minute details about the case. It also details Lopez's early years.
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