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The Most Popular Madonna CDs
Madonna Music CD Madonna CD : Music
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Madonna has produced another hit album and it shows that the queen of pop is going to retain her throne for a long time to come. Featuring the number one single Music and the fantastic current single Tell Me which is my personal favourite, Madonna shows that she has managed to progress with the times without losing her own personal touch.
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The Immaculate Collection Madonna CD Madonna CD :The Immaculate Collection
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This is the perfect way to hear Madonna: no album filler, just one hit after another. As a singles artist, she works wonders: quick, danceable tunes that are occasionally "controversial" but never set out to change the world (and don't). The Immaculate Collection begins with her earliest work ("Holiday", "Borderline") and matures from there ("Papa Don't Preach," "Like A Prayer"), ending in 1990. The highlight is the inclusion of "Justify My Love," a track recorded specifically for this compilation. One caveat: since Madonna is a true video artist, it'd be even nicer to "see" these songs.
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Madonna CD :Ray Of Light Madonna CD :Ray Of Light
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After the hit and miss material from the early 90's and that awful Evita dross, Madonna finally rediscovered her touch against all odds. Ray of Light is easily her best album to date. A unique blend of electronic trance which is not that far removed from her club inspired roots, Ray of Light also provides some of her strongest material to date. Frozen and the title track are so awesome, once heard, they are never forgotten. It is also Maddy's most personal album. Songs such as Substitute offer a rare insight into the true torments of a woman elevated to the status of icon by the media and her army of adoring fans. William Orbit's distinctive production techniques add atmosphere and emotion to a very strong collection of complex melodies. No one can doubt Madonna's unique talent after hearing this album
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Madonna Videos
Madonna - Video Collection 1993-99 (1999) Madonna - Video Collection 1993-99 (1999)
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Madonna's second anthology of music video clips documents the MTV diva's ongoing evolution in 14 music videos beginning with 1993's "Bad Girl" and culminating in her 1999 clip for "Beautiful Stranger" from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," featuring a cameo from Powers (Mike Myers) himself. Individual songs include: bad girl (1993), fever (1993), rain (1993), secret (1994), take a bow (1994), bedtime story (1995), human nature (1995), love don't live here anymore (1996), frozen (1998), ray of light (1998), drowned world/substitute for love (1998), power of good-bye (1998), nothing really matters (1999), beautiful stranger (1999)
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Madonna Video Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (1991)
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Here it is. Every video hit from the dance diva with a penchant for creating a different persona with each release. They're all here from "Lucky Star" to "Open your Heart" to "Express Yourself" to "Vogue." Thirteen performances in all including a live version of "Vogue" from the 1990 MTV awards show.
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Madonna Books
Madonna book Madonna by Mark Bego
More info | Buy the book If you are a Madonna fan, you already know most of what you'll read in here regarding Madonna's career history, but the material is presented in a nice, chonological format that makes for a good night of reading. In his updated editorial since the original printing, he seems to have soured his attitude towards Madonna. He is a lot harsher on her, and makes her every career move since the Like a Prayer era to be calculated and cynical.
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Madonna book Madonna : The Style Book by Debbi Voller, Chris Charlesworth (Editor)
More info | Buy the book If you want to look like Madonna, then this is the book for you. It show's you the different styles of clothes Madonna wore from past to present. It's really a great book.
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Madonna Calendar
Madonna 2001 Calendar Madonna 2001 Calendar
More info | Buy the Calendar As we start a new year we could not forget to start it with Madonna. Once again the photos in this calendar prove how diverse Madonna truly is. We see her many looks and many faces, from the down and outragoeus to the shy girl next door-NOT! As each day passes in this coming year let's not forget to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the simple pleasures in life and the many things that Madonna can give us strength for. Look at her smile before you start each and every day and you are sure to start your day off on the right foot. Thanks Madonna for another wonderful year
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