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Mandy Moore biography

Mandy Moore biography The Story So Far Amanda Leigh Moore was born April 10, 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire but two months later moved with her family to Orlando, Florida. Mandy discovered her love of singing when she went to a summer musical theater camp when she was nine years old.

In Orlando, Mandy soon became known as the "National Anthem Girl" for singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" for all the city's major sports teams and for the Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. By the time of her signing to 550/Epic Records, she was a studio veteran had recorded national commercials, TV pilots, and voice-overs.

Mandy lives in Orlando with her parents, Don and Stacy; and brothers Scott (20) and Kyle (15).

"I don't feel I've missed out on anything about growing up, because I feel so fortunate," says Mandy Moore. "There are so many kids that would love to be doing what I'm doing!"

Mandy Moore biography Everywhere: Mandy Moore is a national spokeswoman for Neutrogena products, and featured in the company's TV and print ad-vertising campaigns. She's partnered with the Wet Seal/Contempo retail chain to promote its Blue Asphalt "magalog" (Mandy appears on the cover of the publication, serviced to over 3 million homes) and Blue Asphalt Clothing Line. Mandy's new songs reveal her rapid and impressive development as a vocalist. At the heart of her new album is a brand-new single, "I Wanna Be With You." In its review of the single, Billboard noted that Mandy is "singing with all the poise and elegance of an established Lilith Girl...Top 40 programmers and listeners alike will love Moore more with this track." Nigel Dick directed the exciting new video for "I Wanna Be With You," and the song is also heard in the Sony Pictures film Center Stage, opening May 12th in over 2,000 theaters.

I Wanna Be With You includes four additional brand-new tracks—"Every-thing My Heart Desires," "Want You Back," "Way To My Heart," and "Your Face"—plus the origi-nal and Wade Robson remix of Mandy's smash hit "Candy"; along with four of the most popular cuts from So Real. The new disc also features CD-Extra material in the form of Mandy's "Walk Me Home" and "Candy" videos plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

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