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Mandy Moore music cd I Wanna Be With You Mandy Moore music cd
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To put it simply, her songs rock! This CD shows her voice well and really shows she has talent. Another interesting fact is that the song "I Like It" on the soundtrack was co-written be Backstreet Boy Howie D. Also this album has 3 remixes to which you can shake your groove thang to =D. So if you're looking for a mature and souful pop album, this CD is exactly what you're looking for!

So Real Mandy Moore music cd: So Real
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Mandy Moore's debut CD was actually quite good. Her best songs are the first 4 tracks, "So Real," "Candy," which are cute, fun, and upbeat, "What You Want," which has a funky R&B type groove to it, and "Walk Me Home" which is a really sweet slow song with a nice beat. The other songs are pretty good too. There is no real BAD songs.

Candy [IMPORT] Mandy Moore Candy [IMPORT] Mandy Moore
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Mandy's voice is so awesome for a 15-year-old (now 16, but 15 when she recorded her first album, SO REAL). "Candy" is one of her best songs. I love this single. It's the perfect song for a great party. The remixes for "Candy" are really good, too. I usually don't like remixes for some singles but these remixes are really awesome. If you like Pop music, then I really recommend this "Candy" single. Go Mandy!

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