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Metallica Book List

buy online the book Encyclopedia Metallica: The Bible of Heavy Metal - Book by Brian Harrigan, Malcolm Dome
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buy online the book The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Metallica : Fuel & Fire - Book by Sem Hadland
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This illustrated collector's guide includes the complete history of Metallica--including a family tree telling where all the band's members played before they joined Metallica, and where they went when they left--plus a complete discography, a list of all the cover songs the group has ever played, information on Metallica's web site, an interview on CD, and more.
more info Metallica Unbound : The Unofficial Biography - Book by K. J. Doughton
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Written by a noted hard rock journalist who has covered the band since its inception 10 years ago, this one-of-a-kind, full-color collectors' volume provides the most in-depth information on the band available anywhere. Rare and never-before-published photos. Complete discography.
buy online Metallica Live : With Poster
- Book by Martin Power

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