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Formed: 1981 in Los Angeles, CA

Band Members: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Jason Newsted, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton

Styles: Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Hard Rock

Discography: Kill 'Em All (1983), Ride the Lightning (1984), Master of Puppets (1986), ...And Justice for All (1988), Metallica - Black Album (1991), Load (1996), Reload (1997), S&M (1999)

Metallica was easily the best, most influential heavy metal band of the '80s, responsible for bringing the music back to earth. Instead of playing the usual rock star games of metal stars of the early '80s, the band looked and talked like they were from the street. Metallica expanded the limits of thrash, using speed and volume not for their own sake, but to enhance their intricately structured compositions.

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Pictures - Some band photos from magazines, concerts, pictures from video clips and other pics.

Lyrics of most famous metallica songs including One, I Disappear, Nothing Else Matter, Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, Unforgiven and some others.

Midi music - Metallica melodies in midi files.

Guitar tabs - Guitar tablatures of some famous Metalica songs.

In our free downloads sections include also Metallica wallpapers and screensaver

In online shop section you can buy online Metallica merchandise: CDs, video, books and posters.

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