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Modern Talking America music cd - New Album! Win the race lyrics!

Modern Talking America - The 10th Album

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Modern Talking America - New Album Modern Talking America - New Album
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Many thought Modern Talking's brand new album would not begin as successfully as their all previous albums have because according to those many, Modern Talking's sound was getting old. Their brand new production called "America" appeared in position no. 2 in the first week of its release (at their home of Germany). The first single from the album called "Win the Race" went as high as no. 5 in the German single charts which disappointingly enough for some fans, does not include the rapper Eric Singleton. Other ear catching tracks are "Maria" , "Last Exit to Brooklyn" , "From Coast to Coast" and the list goes on. Buy it, you will really anjoy it. It's an outstanding album!
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Modern Talking WIN THE RACE - NEW HIT SINGLE Modern Talking

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Excellent work. Dieter doesn't deviate too far from what works and it's good. Win The Race is nothing, but power, power and power again (you're right Mr. Thorn). Last exit to Brooklyn is one of the best dance songs I've ever heard. Enjoy.
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