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Modern Talking

Modern Talking
Modern Talking originated in 1984 as Modernes Gesprach. Its creator, Dieter Bohlen, decided to choose a young German pop singer, Bernd Weidung, to be his partner. Bernd changed his name to Thomas Anders, and Modernes Gesprach became Modern Talking. They recorded "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" making an enormous impact on the music industry, and becoming a No. 1 group in Europe. In 1985 they released their second album and again won the hearts of thousands of fans in Europe and Asia with "Cheri Cheri Lady". Meanwhile, Thomas married Nora Isabela Balling. After the release of "Brother Louie" in 1986, Modern Talking scored gold in Canada and England, and was on their way to win American music market. Modern Talking
However, the huge success of Dieter and Thomas began to fall apart because of quarrels between them caused by Nora. In 1987 they released two new albums, and they broke up. Their unbelievable success made them the most successful German band ever. After the break up Thomas changed his image and started a solo career in the US. Dieter continued to write dance music and created Blue System. In March of 1998, the miracle, which all Modern Talking fans had been waiting for, happened. Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders reunited and released their 7th album called "Back for Good". The success has enormous again. With it, Modern Talking got a new generation of fans. In 1999 they released another album "Alone", and received Cannes Music award for the Best Selling German Artist. The follow year the album 2000 - Year Of The Dragon was released with the upcomimg old 80s style songs mixed with nowadays beat. They have sold more than 85 million albums up to date and that means that they belong to the Top Ten of the worldwide most successful artists.

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