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The Most Popular Modern Talking CDs
Year of the Dragon Modern Talking CD :Year of the Dragon
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Very nice light music, it is easy to listen. I would not say that this is the best album of "Modern Talking", but anyway there are some number of songs, which can be hits - Try "Avec Toi"(13), "I'm Not Guilty"(14). The people like this music even they have not known "Modern Talking" before. You can use this music on party, in the car, everywhere you want create pleasant environment.
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Collection Modern Talking   CD Modern Talking CD : Collection
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I've been listning to these guys since 1984, when I was 7 years old. Now, when they came back in 1998, I have been practically listening only their music. Their latest album- Year of the Dragon,which was released in February 2000, is really cool.
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Greatest Hits Mix Modern Talking :Greatest Hits Mix
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I think that Modern Talking is the best group in Europe. When I went back home to Europe Modern Talking was the only music I lisened to and I got my friends to listen to it.
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Back For Good - The 7th Album Modern Talking :Back For Good - The 7th Album
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This album rockes,,,all the remixes are great,,and eric singleton contributing with the rap in "You're my heart" all the sounds are fresh.i really appreaciate it because i'm like the only one around to have their newest CD...All you Nsync and BS fans chek this out!!!
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Alone - The 8th Album Modern Talking CD: Alone - The 8th Album
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Their new 1999 solid album was a huge hit! After listening to "Alone", I never knew Modern Talking would create such a wonderful hit album. Not only are the music still the same, they took the new sound of the 90s and colided with their new songs. This outcome is a major success! All songs are incredibly fresh, "You are Not Alone", "Sexy Sexy Lover", "Taxi Girl" are all upbeat hits. It's so good that they are back and are at no.1 once again.
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