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Oasis midis: Wonderwall, Dont Look Back in Anger, ...

Famous Oasis songs in midi files

All Around The World It's Good To Be Free
All Around...Reprise Live Forever
Be Here Now Married With Children
Cast No Shadow Morning Glory
Champagne SuperNova My Big Mouth
Cloud Burst Roll With It
Columbia Sad Song
Come On Feel The Noise Shaker Maker
Digsy's Dinner She's Electric
Don't GoAway Slide Away
Don't Look Back In Anger Some Might Say
Do Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman StandByMe
Do You Know What I Mean Supersonic
Fade Away Swamp Song
Girl In The Dirty Shirt Talk Tonight
Half The World Away The Master Plan
Hey Now Up In The Sky
I Am The Walrus Whatever
I Hope I Think I Know WonderWall
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