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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne picture AKA: John Osbourne

Born: Dec 3, 1948 in Birmingham, England

Genres: Rock

Styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Member Of: Black Sabbath

The former Black Sabbath frontman has been ridiculed over his career, mostly due to rumors denouncing him as a psychopath and Satanist. Despite his outlandish reputation, however, one cannot deny that Osbourne has had an immeasurable effect on heavy metal. While he doesn't possess a great voice (it's thin and doesn't have much range), he makes up for it with his good ear and dramatic flair. As a showman, his instincts are nearly as impeccable; his live shows have been overwrought spectacles of gore and glitz that have endeared him to adolescents around the world. Indeed, Osbourne has managed to establish himself as an international superstar, capable of selling millions of records with each album and packing arenas across the globe, capturing new fans with each record.

Ozzy Stuff:

Ozzy Osbounre Discography - All Ozzy albums with cd covers.

Pictures - Some photos from magazines, concerts, pictures from video clips and other pics.

Lyrics of most popular Ozzy Osbourne songs including Crazy Train, No More Tears , Mama I'm Coming Home and some others.

Midi music - Ozzy melodies in midi files.

Guitar tabs - Guitar tablatures of some famous Ozzy songs.

Ozzy Osbourne wallpaper and screen saver

In Ozzy merchandise section you can buy online Ozzy CDs, video, Ozzy biography books, poster and t-shirt.

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