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REM picture

Formed: 1980 in Athens, GA.

Band Members: Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe, Bill Berry.

Styles: College Rock, Jangle Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock.

REM biography book

R.E.M. : Talk About the Passion : An Oral History (Updated Edition)
REM biography book by Denise Sullivan
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REM biography book

It Crawled from the South : An R.E.M. Companion
"REM encyclopedia" by Marcus Gray
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REM Stuff:

Discography - Complete list of REM albums, CD cover pictures, song lists and links to where you can buy these CDs online.

Pictures - Three REM photo galleries with band pictures from magazines, concets video clips, pictures of Michael Stipe, and Bill Berry.

Lyrics REM song lyrics from albums Reveal, Up, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, Monster, Automatic for the People, Out of Time including famous REM songs: Losing My Religion, Everybody Hurts, Man on the Moon, Bang and Blame, Shiny Happy People.

Midi music - Some well known REM melodies in midi files.

Tabs - REM Guitar tablatures.

Video - List of REM music video stuff in DVD and VHS formats which you can buy online.

Links - REM resourses on the web: other fan sites, album reviews, tour info, fan clubs...

REM Stuff
Pictures gallery
Song lyrics
Midi music
Guitar tabs, chords
Video (DVD,VHS)

REM - Reveal (2001)
REM Reveal music CD
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R.E.M.: Succumbs (VHS)
REM Reveal music CD
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