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REM music discography

REM Reveal music CD Reveal - Audio CD (2001)
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...Reveal is the sound of a band that's beyond feeling the need to change or to prove themselves to each new generation, but retains its passion. Michael Stipe's voice is at its most evocatively beautiful on "I've Been High," and Peter Buck's eclectic tunes continue along the highly accessible vein mined on 1998's Up. Stipe continues his emergence as an up-front vocalist whose lyrics, if never entirely self-explanatory, now make ingenious use of more readily identifiable phrases, images, and vignettes...
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Songs included:
1. The Lifting 2. I've Been High 3. Reno 4. She Just Wants 5. Disappear 6. Saturn Return 7. All I Want 8. Imitation Of Life 9. Summer Turns To High 10. Chorus & The Ring 11. I'll Take The Rain 12. Beachball
R.E.M Star Profiles music CD Star Profiles - Audio CD (1999)
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Songs included:
1. Introduction 2. Chapter One: Garage Life 3. Chapter Two: Stepping Stones 4. Chapter Three: A Gang of Four 5. Chapter Four: Tired Fables 6. Chapter Five: It's the Start of the World 7. Chapter Six: Mandolin Crush 8. Chapter Seven: No Tours, Extra Bubblegum 9. Chapter Eight: Monster Problem 10. Chapter Nine: up... Of Course 11. Discography 12. Untitled
REM UP CD Up - Audio CD (1998)
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Songs included:
1. Airportman 2. Lotus 3. Suspicion 4. Hope 5. At My Most Beautiful 6. The Apologist 7. Sad Professor 8. You're in the Air 9. Walk Unafraid 10. Why Not Smile 11. Daysleeper 12. Diminished 13. Parakeet 14. Falls to Climb
R.E.M New Adventures in Hi-Fi New Adventures in Hi-Fi - Audio CD (1996)
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Songs included:
1. How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us 2. The Wake-Up Bomb 3. New Test Leper 4. Undertow 5. E-Bow the Letter 6. Leave 7. Departure 8. Bittersweet Me 9. Be Mine 10. Binky the Doormat 11. Zither 12. So Fast, So Numb 13. Low Desert 14. Electrolite
Monster - Audio CD (1994)
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Automatic for the People - Audio CD (1992)
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Out of Time - Audio CD (1991)
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Green - Audio CD (1988)
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Document - Audio CD (1991)
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Life's Rich Pageant - Audio CD (1987)
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Fables of the Reconstruction - Audio CD (1985)
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Reckoning - Audio CD (1984)
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Murmur - Audio CD (1983)
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Chronic Town - (1983)
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