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Swedish Ricky Martin fans had to be administered with oxygen when the singer made an in-store appearance.
An estimated 1,200 screaming Ricky fans crowded into the venue to see the Latino legend sign copies of his album.
Caught in the crush, many were left gasping for air.
Oxygen had to be administered by first aid crews but none of the fans needed to go to hospital.
Martin was unhurt and is currently living La Vida Loca.
The album charts will see many wild and wonderful creatures vying for the top spot this Christmas and Ricky Martin is as fantastical as any of them. No more real than a Womble and less of a man than Bob the Builder any day, what he does have going for him with 'Sound Loaded' is some insane trumpet and squawking horns and three blinding flashes of musical brilliance that could even put some oomph into your granny's funeral.
Worth getting yourself a sh*t temping job just so you can hit that office party with a bottle of extra-strength cider and a copy of this tucked under your arm and ready to wreak all manner of havoc. Shake that flabby tush Maureen, all your Christmases have suddenly come at once...
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