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Ricky Martin lyrics from albums: SOUND LOADED, RICKY MARTIN, VUELVE

Ricky Martin Lyrics

The popular Ricky Martin songs:
She Bangs, Nobody Want To Be Lonely, La Copa De La Vida, Private Emotion, Livin' La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin lyrics 1.She Bangs

2.Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

3.La Copa De La Vida

4.Private Emotion

5.Livin' La Vida Loca

Lyrics Ricky Martin 6.Ven A Mi (Come To Me)



9.Shake Your Bon Bon

10.Spanish Eyes

He's sold close to 40 million records worldwide, millions of people are swaying their hips to his contagious beat, he caused a musical movement that swept through the entire US market, and now he presents his musical history . . .

LA HISTORIA! A collection of Ricky Martin's most captivating hits debuts at #1 on the sales chart compiled weekly by SoundScan (figures are tallied by direct sales to the consumer in the United States and Puerto Rico).

These are the songs that made Ricky Martin an international superstar! For the first time ever they are available in one album.

The songs were selected by Ricky Martin himself from his past multi-Platinum albums: RICKY MARTIN (his Latin debut in 1991), A MEDIO VIVIR (1995), VUELVE (1998), RICKY MARTIN (his Anglo debut in 1999), and SOUND LOADED (2000).

From the international hit "Marķa," released in December of 1995 on A MEDIO VIVIR, which spent almost two years on Billboards Latin 50 (album sales chart compiled by SoundScan) to "La copa de la vida," the official theme of the World Cup that was released in March of 1998 on VUELVE, which was #1 on Billboards Latin 50 for 26 consecutive weeks (6 months as the nation's top selling Latin album).

This collection of 17 hits also includes "Vuelve," "Bella," "Perdido sin ti," "Livin' la vida loca," and "She Bangs" (Spanish version), all of which were #1 on Billboards Hot Latin Tracks (radio airplay chart compiled by the Broadcast Data Systems).

As if not enough (it only gets better . . . ) Ricky Martin has re-recorded two of his early hits from his Latin debut album of 1991, simply titled RICKY MARTIN. Under the direction of one of Latin music's most solicited young producers, Tommy Torres, Ricky Martin returned to the studio to give new life to "Fuego contra fuego" and "El amor de mi vida."

And to top off this incredible production, LA HISTORIA is the only album that contains Ricky Martin's latest smash single "Solo quiero amarte," which is catapulting up the radio airplay charts - it is currently among the Top 5 on Billboards Hot Latin tracks.

This collection of award-winning hits will make musical history . . . LA HISTORIA!

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