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Ricky Martin music cd Ricky Martin cd. Album: Sound Loaded
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Sound Loaded, Ricky Martin's follow-up to his self-titled 1999 triumph, is a marvel as much of cross-country technological wizardry as of a multicultural pop sensibility. "She Bangs," its first single, was made in seven locations from Miami to Hollywood. If the rest of the disc never quite matches that high, neither does its quality sink much; if anything, Sound Loaded may be a bigger cut-for-cut success than its predecessor. Spanish versions of "She Bangs," "Come to Me," and "Loaded" are additions to the dozen cuts in English.
(Rickey Wright )

Ricky Martin Ricky Martin music cd
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Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin's self-titled first English-language album is a triumph of an omnivorous world-pop sensibility--but more important is that at its best, it's a real kick. The first single, "Livin' la Vida Loca," employs a revved-up ska tempo to praise a girl whose "lips are devil red [and] skin's the color of mocha." Martin is no less irresistible on the disc's other uptempo numbers, such as "Spanish Eyes," "The Cup of Life" , and the Soul Coughing-indebted "Shake Your Bon Bon." Ricky Martin loses momentum with its draggier ballads--even the much-touted Madonna duet, "Be Careful (Cuidade con Mi Corazon)," doesn't spark--but overall, it deserves its inevitable multiplatinum success.
(Rickey Wright)

La Historia music cd
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