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buy online Shania Twain CD Come On Over (1997)
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The come-from-nowhere success of Shania Twain's previous album, The Woman In Me, proved that the world was ready for a combination of traditional instruments, girl-power themes, and dance-pop dynamics. Whether Twain is a modern-day Dolly Parton or a country music Spice Girl is a matter of perspective. But with her third album, she accentuates the sing-along choruses and simple dance rhythms while downplaying the country elements. As a pop move, it works wonderfully for her, earning Twain a valued spot on MTV, VH-1, and pop radio...

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buy online Shania Twain CD The Woman In Me (1995)
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Shania Twain comes full circle on this album, co-writing 11 out of 12 cuts and proving that she can do more than sing. Once again she crosses over into pop/rock territory with this multi-platinum affair, bringing legions of new fans into the country camp. Peppered with hits such as "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" and "Any Man of Mine," Twain's sophomore effort features crisp and clear vocals and country-flavored pop arrangements.

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buy online Shania Twain CD Shania Twain (1993)
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...[Shania] Twain displays the grit and maturity of a woman who's experienced life to the depths on [SHANIA TWAIN]...
(Rolling Stone 11/25/93)
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Shania Twain Videos
buy online Shania in Hawaii: Live & More (2000) Shania Twain Live
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Songs Include: Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Honey Iím Home, You Win My Love, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, Youíre Still The One, I Wonít Leave You Lonely Come On Over, Love Gets Me Every Time, Iím Holdin' On To Love, When, Home Ainít Where His Hear Is Anymore, The Woman In Me, Youíve Got A Way, That Donítí Impress Me much, If It Donít Take Two, Black Eyes, Blue Tears, God Bless The Child, To Daddy, What Made You Say That, No One Needs To Know, Any man of Mine, Donít Be Stupid, From This Moment On, (If youíre Not In It For Love) Iím Outta Here!, Rock This Country!
buy online Shania Twain videoBehind The Music: Shania Twain
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At its best, VH-1's Behind the Music series walks a fine line between valentine and deep dish, coaxing personal tragedies and dark career missteps from its subjects while still acknowledging their achievements and saluting the fans. This well-timed profile of the Canadian country crossover queen is an apt example, benefiting from abundant early video footage and a willingness (albeit very delicately employed) to raise some of the tougher questions about her public image.
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buy online Time Out With Shania Twain Come On Over Video Collection
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From customer review:
Shania Twain's "Come On Over" video collection is a generally well conceived and produced collection of videos from her same titled CD release. Although Shania's vocal and visual presence could easily "carry" any video, thankfully the producers usally did not resort to that. Must see cuts include the moving love song ballad "From This Moment On" to the well-crafted "You're Still The One" as well as "That Don't Impress Me Much" and the great take off of an old Robert Plant video redone on "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"...
buy online Time Out With Shania Twain Shania Twain - The Complete Woman in Me Video Collection (1996)
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This compilation of video clips from Shania Twain's breakthrough second album, The Woman in Me, follows the transplanted Canadian singer/songwriter's fast track from "new country" newcomer to crossover contender and diva-in-training. Both musically and visually, the set's eight tracks shift quickly from the mannered country settings and modest production values of the opening "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" to the big-budget scale and soft-focus pop romanticism of the title song: from her earliest videos' down-home settings in funky coffee shops and sun-dappled meadows (where we see the heroine riding her horse, naturally), the viewer is transported to the Sahara and gliding shots of Twain, bedecked in a gauzy gown, strolling past pyramids and temple ruins as if enacting some regal reincarnation.
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Shania Twain Books
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Shania Twain - Book by Michael McCall
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On Her Way : The Life and Music of Shania Twain - Book by Barbara Hager, Meet S. Twain
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