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To Venus and Back - Tori Amos sheet music Tori Amos: To Venus and Back
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Review by Adam from Canada :
This is an amazing sheet music book featuring the sheet music for each song from Tori's latest CD "To Venus And Back". The book includes all 11 studio songs (Bliss, Juarez, Concertina, Glory Of The 80's, Lust, Suede, Josephine, Riot Poof, Datura, Spring Haze and 1000 Oceans) and studio versions of the 13 live tracks on the album (Precious Things, Cruel, Cornflake Girl, Bells For Her, Girl, Cooling Mr. Zebra, Cloud On My Tongue, Sugar, Little Earthquakes, Space Dog, The Waitress and Purple People). A must have for any musical Toriphile.
Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Hotel
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Review by Michael Frechen from Pennsylvania, USA :
Wow is all I can say with this book. Tori is extremely excellent in this book. Some of the songs aren't perfect, but you can really make most sound great! I happen to be a rather good piano player so it is easier on me, but if you are just starting.....then go with 'boys for pele' yet if you are pretty good this is the songbook for you. Her music is really good on the songs 'Spark' and really good on 'Jackie's Strenght'! BUY THIS!
Tori Amos: Boys for Pele
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Review by Bose from USA :
To date I think this is one of the best arranged of the Tori piano books. It comes very close to Tori's own work (much better than Little Earthquakes did). If you love this CD you should get this book. It has color photos, lyric sheets, and a great score. I love it!
Under the Pink Tori Amos: Under the Pink
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Review by reader from East USA :
This is a great and fun Tori Amos sheet music book for those of you who desire to play the basic notes; however, since Tori is so talented, it is somewhat toned down (at no fault of the editors). Its a fun book - I love the beginning with the pictures of Tori and the ones she drew, as well as the discography of even the hard to find singles. Aspiring serious Tori collectors will find this useful. Songs like Cornflake Girl and Yes, Anastasia are toned down a lot, but thats b/c she is just too good to transcribe efectively. Pretty Good Year is fun to play - it's pretty easy. Great book for those who want to play the basic notes, and a lot of fun.
Little Earthquakes Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes
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Review by a reader from USA :
This is a GREAT sheet music book for Tori fans who desire to play her beautiful songs in the basic forms; however, it simply cannot transcribe what Tori actually plays, so it is somewhat toned down. This is at no fault of the editors; Tori is simply too talented. :) It is a great way to play the songs however, and I highly recommend it for Tori fans. ALSO - I think Upside Down is worth it alone, as well as Mother, Winter, and Leather. My only complaint is that they cut Mother short... I wanted to play the gorgeous part when she just sings slowly "Oooh ooh, mother...leave the light on..." and so on, but that really isn't on there. BUT!!! I love the book and I think its well worth it. (to address the very first post, some of my pages have started to come out, but I've sort of abused it over the 2 years I've had it). Great book.
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