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Tori Amos tabs, guitar chords

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Album Songs
Tori Amos:
Little Earthquakes

Crucify, Girl, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Winter, Happy Phantom, China, Leather, Mother, Tear in Your Hand, Me and a Gun, Little Earthquakes
Tori Amos:
Under the Pink

Bells For Her
Past The Mission
Baker Baker
The Wrong Band
Tori Amos:
Boys for Pele

Beauty Queen
Blood Roses
Father Lucifer
Professional Widow
Mr Zebra
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Hey Jupiter
Doughnut Song
Tori Amos:
From The Choir Girl Hotel

Spark, Cruel, Black Dove (January), Raspberry Swirl, Jackie's Strength, Iiiee, Liquid Diamonds, She's Your Cocaine, Northern Lad , Hotel, Playboy Mommy, Pandora's Aquarium

Tori Amos for Fingerstyle Guitar : With Tablature
Book by Marcel Robinson, Tori Amos

This guitar tablature book includes 16 songs. The songs were transcribed into tabs from the original piano arrangements. The guide includes a CD that assists with learning how the songs are expected to sound. Pictures include a previously unreleased image of Tori sitting beside a guitar (front cover), a close-up of Tori's face (back cover), and one other image within the book.

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Songs included: Icicle, Silent All These Years, Pretty Good Year, Caught a Lite Sneeze, China, Cornflake Girl, Little Earthquakes, In the Springtime of His Voodoo, Past the Mission, Blood Roses, Black Swan, Jackie's Strength, Spark, Black-Dove (January), Talula, Winter.

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