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Tori Amos video: Little Earthquakes Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes (1992) - video
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From customer review:
From the center of her soul Tori Amos has produced a profound and provacative album, to open the senses to new heights not yet discovered. Little Earthquakes has proven to be heart-wrenching and very motivating. This accompined video, to the album give the viewer great insight to a musican/philosopher, who is like no other of this generation. This video graces you with Tori's presence and leaves you in awe of her musical talens and abilities. To watch her play the piano is an astounding ecstasy, no doubt leaving you in wonderment and amazement. Tori Amos has found a way through our window, to our souls, by opening her's to us through her music, that another musician has yet to replicate. You will see her passion and desire to do that in this video, and the album.
Tori Amos Complete Videos Tori Amos: Complete Videos: 1991-1998 (1998)
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From editorial review:
With her skittering, piano-based melodies, fluttering voice, and penchant for mingling High Romantic imagery with impish surrealism, Tori Amos invites the love-hate relationships that define objects of cult worship. Except that Amos's particular cult long ago reached mass popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, a commercial success borne out by the length and scale of this anthology, which collects all of her music videos to date. For her fans, of course, the package is a commercial slam dunk and instant hit, but even nonbelievers may find themselves mesmerized by these consistently inventive, beautifully shot miniatures.
Tori Amos video: Live From New York Tori Amos: Live From New York - video
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From customer review:
As usual, Tori's performance is amazing. Her songs take on a new quality when played live....I love her quiet intro to "The Waitress" (shivers), and that little dance before "Cornflake Girl" is just adorable. Yes, she does lose herself in "Precious Things" to an almost frightening degree (but that's why we love her, right?). And I was happy to see "Upside Down", a favorite b-side of mine, make an appearance. This video is a nice cornerstone for any Tori collection....I also recommend the Little Earthquakes long-form video.
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