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Westlife discography, pictures gallery, lyrics, music, video, wallpaper

Westlife discography

Westlife discography
Uptown Girl - Released in the UK 3/06/01
Westlife disco
What Makes a Man (cd single released 12/18/00)

Coast to Coast (released 11/6/00)

My Love (cd single released 10/30/00)

Westlife U.S. Album (released 2000)

Westlife U.K. Album (released 1999)

Swear It Again (multiple versions)

If I Let You Go (2 CD single versions)

Flying Without Wings (2 CD single versions)

Seasons in the Sun/I Have A Dream (released as Flying Without Wings/Seasons in the Sun/I Have a Dream - triple A-side in Australia)

Fool Again (released spring 2000) 01. Fool Again 2000 remix 02. Tunnel of Love
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